Welcoming Cellcom to the Fortissimo Portfolio

We are pleased to announce that Fortissimo Capital has taken a controlling stake in Cellcom, Israel’s largest cellular service provider and a leading telecommunications company.

Building Value, Sustaining Impact: ESG Report 2023

We are proud to be at the forefront of implementing ESG in the private equity industry in Israel. Our latest ESG Report 2023 highlights our comprehensive approach, integrating environmental, social, and governance across our investment strategy and internal operations.

Fortissimo CEO Corner: Interview with Ofer Ben-Zur

As the founder of his second venture, Ofer reveals the key factors for building a successful technology company. From market identification and strong intellectual property, to fostering a supportive and positive culture among employees.

Fortissimo Portfolio Social Initiatives

In response to the devastating events of October 7th in Israel, Fortissimo Capital portfolio companies exemplified exceptional unity and resilience through impactful social initiatives.

Incredibuild CEO: Solving Real Challenges

“When you start with the pain, you end up solving something real,” says Tami Mazel Shachar, CEO at Incredibuild, with NYSE at ICE Tel Aviv offices. “With Incredibuild, any process that would have taken hours, now goes down to two minutes.” “Our teams are connected to what the customers want to achieve,” adds Regev Yativ, […]

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