Welcoming Cellcom to the Fortissimo Portfolio

Photo: Uzi Porat

We are pleased to announce that Fortissimo Capital has taken a controlling stake in Cellcom, Israel’s largest cellular service provider and a leading telecommunications company. With a longstanding prominence in the industry, Cellcom has consistently showcased its capacity to adapt and thrive, playing a vital role in shaping global connectivity and communication.

Cellcom stands as a cornerstone in both private and business telecommunications across Israel. With a wide array of products and offerings, from cellular services to optic telecommunications and Cellcom TV, Cellcom harnesses its advanced technological infrastructure and extensive network to deliver seamless connectivity. Moreover, beyond its consumer-focused services, Cellcom provides a comprehensive suite of business telecommunication solutions, including system integration, web hosting, and information security services.

Photo: Cellcom PR

With over 3 million cellular subscribers and over 350k internet and TV subscribers, Cellcom stands out as a unique asset with unparalleled brand recognition, size, and nationwide reach. The company also owns Dynamica, a leading retailer of mobile devices and accessories, and owns a significant stake in IBC, a key player in high-speed fiber-optic internet infrastructure.

As one of the few businesses in Israel touching such a broad segment of the population, we see an opportunity to inject fresh perspectives and catalyze transformation. Furthermore, in a traditionally conservative market, we believe Cellcom’s extensive network infrastructure is ripe for expansion into value-added services for both its B2C and B2B consumers.

Today, with the telecommunications industry gaining momentum, we are excited to support Cellcom in shaping a more interconnected and thriving future. We look forward to leveraging its extensive resources and untapped potential to deliver exceptional value to its customers.

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