Fortissimo CEO Corner: Interview with Ofer Ben-Zur


What gave you the idea to start Tritone?

Following my departure from Kornit Digital in 2016, I was on the lookout for new ventures. I explored various fields such as energy and digital printing, seeking that spark of inspiration. It was during this quest that I discovered the world of Additive Metal Manufacturing. As I learned more about it, I uncovered disadvantages with current technologies and that’s when I came up with the idea for MoldJet. The more I studied this concept and industry, the more it became apparent to me that not only was it feasible, but it held a unique and interesting appeal.


At Fortissimo, we typically invest in later stage companies. Given our relationship, we agreed to seed this company. Can you offer advice as to how to turn an idea into a successful company?

There are several factors that are crucial to building a successful technology company. First and foremost, there must be a significant global market for the product, ensuring a broad and accessible market. Additionally, the company should possess strong intellectual property, facing and overcoming technological challenges. Striving to be the best in a specific segment, if not the largest overall, is another essential element. A robust business model, exemplified by the Razor Blade model, with recurring revenue, can provide a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

Equally important are the company’s values, with a focus on honesty, responsibility, and fostering a “Yes, we can” attitude. Responsible management of resources, including headcount and budgets, contributes to long-term stability. The presence of a strong and supportive network of shareholders and a well-structured board adds another layer of strength. Finally, adopting a “Long Run” philosophy underscores the commitment to enduring success rather than quick wins. It is also critical that all members of the team are passionate about what the company offers and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve success.  In essence, aligning these factors sets the stage for transforming an idea into a thriving and enduringly successful company.


What type of culture exists at Tritone and how are you able to create that atmosphere among employees?

Tritone thrives on a positive, dynamic, and creative culture, placing a strong emphasis on fostering good relationships among employees. Several key factors contribute to cultivating this atmosphere. Firstly, the company maintains a small team with a straightforward organizational structure, minimizing the number of management levels. Empowering each employee with responsibility and encouraging creativity and decision-making is another pivotal aspect. This approach ensures that individuals feel both meaningful and valued in their roles.

Teamwork plays a central role, promoting collaboration and mutual support among team members. The direct involvement of the CEO in human resources matters, particularly in recruitment, with the CEO often serving as the HR manager in the early stages of the company. Clear communication of messages and targets ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals. Lastly, a genuine concern for the well-being of employees and attention to their needs contribute to creating a culture that is not only productive but also supportive and conducive to a positive working environment.


What keeps you up at night?

Navigating the challenges that we face involves a constant focus on two critical aspects of the company’s success. Firstly, ensuring customer satisfaction, which is akin to the lifeblood of our business. Satisfied customers not only fuel our operations but also contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the company.

Equally pressing is the question of how to guarantee a return on investment for our stakeholders. It involves a delicate balance of strategic planning, financial acumen, and sustainable growth. Addressing this challenge requires a keen understanding of market dynamics, making informed decisions, and executing effective business strategies.


This is the second company you founded. Will there be a third and if so- another in the digital printing arena?

Right now, my primary focus revolves around fostering the growth of Tritone and steering it towards achieving profitability. Once we achieve success, then I wish myself a third adventure 😊, but not necessarily in the field of Digital Printing!


Find out more information on Tritone here.

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