Solcon Celebrates 40 Years with Product Release

Solcon Industries kicks off its 40th year of providing industry-leading motor controls by releasing the HRVS-DN PowerStart, expanding their iStart offering and deploying new DriveStart capabilities. These new releases enhance Solcon’s global motor soft starter offering across all of the industries they serve.


“It’s a very exciting time at Solcon,” said Gil Briman, CEO. “We are pleased to offer these new solutions to our customers because they rely on us for precise motor control and protection. The new HRVS-DN PowerStart Medium Voltage Soft Starter now includes a new Medium Voltage Control Panel with enhanced integrated protection capabilities. However, we took the product development a step further, and we added an integrated ECPT that provides complete isolation between the low and medium voltage compartments. This level of protection is the first of its kind across the medium voltage soft starter industry.”

In addition to the HRVS-DN PowerStart, Solcon Industries also expanded the iStart, the advanced digital low voltage soft starter that offers superior functionality and motor protection. “We utilized our customer feedback after we launched the iStart a few years ago,” said Jonathan Barrie, Senior Director of Product Management and Global Marketing. “Based upon the industry response, the iStart is now available up to 1100A and includes new communication capabilities.”

The DriveStart, an IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter offered a unique start and control solution for the industry when it was released in 2014. “The DriveStart created a new solution across the industrial landscape,” said Mr. Briman. “It’s become a very successful product for Solcon, so this new version expands the energy savings for our customers, but we also reduced the footprint requirements for application deployment.” The DriveStart is now available up to 6.6 kV, 750 A.

Solcon Industries is also launching the new Solcon Data Logger. Available across the medium voltage soft starter line, the Solcon Data Logger delivers a complete analysis of the motor control to support personnel to expedite application or motor solutions. “The new Solcon Data Logger not only analyzes the motor control or application it also captures the waveform,” said Mr. Barrie. “This integrated support allows our customers or the Solcon support team to perform remote maintenance and diagnostics. In addition, it is also easy to retrofit an existing HRVS-DN installation.”

“All of the new products, ratings, software and capabilities speak to our continued commitment to our customers,” said Mr. Briman. “For 40 years, we have focused our energy on solving issues for our customers while saving them money. This has led to our global success and our hard-earned reputation. We look forward to continuing our customer’s success for another 40.”



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