Oncotest by Rhenium Group: The first Step is Precision

Navigating the uncertainties of disease diagnosis can be overwhelming.

The first step is clarity and precision.

As unveiled in their latest campaign, our portfolio company, Oncotest by Rhenium Group, shines a spotlight on individuals whose lives have been remarkably improved through Oncotest’s genomic tests.

“No more chemotherapy – this test instilled hope in me and guided me through the toughest phase of my battle,” reveals Nofer Davis, an educator from Ramat-Gan.

Following her diagnosis, Nofer underwent the “Breast Oncotype” test by Oncotest – a revolutionary diagnostic that has transformed the approach to treating early-stage breast cancer for the majority of patients. This test predicts the likelihood of disease recurrence and often eliminates the necessity for chemotherapy.

Oncotest by Rhenium Group, is the pioneering and leading company in Israel for precision medicine solutions. For over two decades, Oncotest has been focusing on identifying innovative approaches to diagnosing malignant diseases and predicting disease progression, according to the unique genetic profile of the patient and the tumor cells. The Oncotest team, in conjunction with attending physicians, enables thousands of patients to use state-of-the-art tools to precisely and effectively customize treatment.


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