Dip-Tech To Launch New Technology at Glasstec 2016

Dip-Tech will unveil its new printers for architecture and automotive applications


Unveiling a new era in digital ceramic in-glass printing

At the Glasstec show, Dip-Tech will unveil its new printers for architecture/interior design and automotive applications. Based on advanced technology, the new printers take digital ceramic in-glass printing to a new level for quality, throughout and productivity. They will be working continuously during the show, printing on various sizes and types of glass. In addition, live demos will run throughout the show.

The new solutions will be officially launched at a kick-off event at the Dip-Tech booth.


Life-size environments showcasing digitally printed glass

In the Dip-Tech booth, visitors will be able to take a tour through different environments showcasing the many applications for glass for building exteriors, home and business interiors, and transportation.

The printed glass objects will showcase some of the interior designs available in the Dip-Tech Design Collection, which includes new ready-to-print files for a rich array of patterns and surfaces.


A varied display of Dip-Tech customers’ projects

The overwhelming majority of existing digital ceramic glass installations worldwide was printed with Dip-Tech’s market leading technology, proving that Dip-Tech is the choice of leading architects from around the world. Reflecting this, the Dip-Tech booth will feature an impressive wall highlighting some of the most stunning projects created by glass processors using Dip-Tech technology.


Connecting glass processors to business

Dip-Tech offers a Complete Solution, which, along with printers, ceramic inks, design software, and support, also includes services that drive market penetration and business growth. Booth visitors will be able to explore all aspects of the full solution and learn more from the Dip-Tech team at the Dip-Tech booth lounge.


Automotive solutions zone

In the Dip-Tech booth, visitors will be able to appreciate our newest technology, a dedicated printer producing real applications. In addition, life-size print samples will be presented on display.

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