4RF Introduces Breakthrough SCADA Migration Master Station

The MMS, 4RF’s newest breakthrough, removes the major barriers of upgrading an outdated SCADA radio network. During the transition, the MMS works alongside the legacy master station, utilizing the existing infrastructure and frequency assets, thus enabling companies to set-up a high speed Aprisa SR+ radio network in parallel with the legacy network. Communications with both newly installed Aprisa SR+ and legacy remotes occur seamlessly during the replacement process.

4RF is leading the Ethernet evolution and this innovation is about to change the current market landscape. The MMS opens the way for companies to install the Aprisa SR+, giving customers up to six times faster over the air data speeds with full management and security capabilities from day one,” says J.L. Betts, 4RF Sales Director, North America and a member of the ENTELEC Technical Advisory Board. “Customers can naturally change out old or discontinued serial radios at their own pace and avoid a costly forklift project or significant network downtime.”



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