Incredibuild CEO: Solving Real Challenges

“When you start with the pain, you end up solving something real,” says Tami Mazel Shachar, CEO at Incredibuild, with NYSE at ICE Tel Aviv offices. “With Incredibuild, any process that would have taken hours, now goes down to two minutes.”

“Our teams are connected to what the customers want to achieve,” adds Regev Yativ, CRO at Incredibuild. “I think it goes as a thread throughout the entire organization. We switch the name customer to partners in the way of thinking, and our partners understand we are helping them solve a pain.”

Incredibuild uses the power of your on-prem and cloud environment to accelerate your software development. Our platform enables every machine on your grid to use hundreds of cores to accelerate time-consuming software development by using idle CPUs in network or bursting to the cloud. No matter where you and your team are working from, you can cut down your development times, iterate more frequently, expand your test coverage, and release better products on time.

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