Telit (Exit: Sold)


Telit (AIM: TCM) is a manufacturer and provider of wireless machine to machine (m2m) solutions. The company streamlines adoption and integration of long-range cellular technology by enhancing it with necessary services and end-to-end connectivity to transform the cellular m2m module from a component to a solution, connecting assets to the enterprise systems they feed into.

The chief value of m2m is to enable applications that allow businesses to enhance productivity and competitiveness through increased efficiencies, cost-savings, and improved levels of service.  m2m applications can be found in a wide range of industries and sectors including vending machines, automated meter reading (AMR), point-of-sales (POS) terminals, transport and logistics, pay-as-you-drive, telematics, healthcare, security technology and a wealth of other vertical segments.

Telit delivers its extensive portfolio of cellular, short-range, and positioning products in over 80 countries to more than 5,000 customers. By making these products business scalable, interchangeable across families, technologies, and generations, and with high quality standards, Telit keeps development cycles short and cost optimized, protects customer design investments, and removes technology risk. The company currently develops, manufactures and markets over 150 different enterprise communication modules.

Being the only m2m supplier worldwide to offer all relevant wireless technologies in its product portfolio, Telit provides its customers with tailored single source solutions.

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