Starhome Mach

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Starhome Mach is a leading provider of international roaming solutions. The company’s solutions enable wireless operators to generate high-margin revenues from Starhome’s multi-network reach; offer seamless out-of-network subscriber services; collaborate with other wireless operators; gain intelligence about their customers; and maximize network efficiency.

Starhome’s product offerings include:

  • Roaming call correction: Based on Starhome’s patented Home Short Code and calling line identification (CLI) delivery services, call correction solutions drive a higher call completion rate and creates greater levels of user satisfaction. Home Short Code is completely secure and prevents both fraud and voicemail hacking.
  • Roaming call steering: Provides operators with the ultimate tool to optimize their steering results and meet wholesale discount agreements. The company’s steering solution monitors and detects the smallest deviation of roamers’ usage levels, profiles them, and automatically initiates adjustments of the settings to where network targets have not been met for voice, SMS and data.
  • Campaign management for roaming: Provides the ability to send micro-segmented mobile roaming promotions. The solution continually gathers valuable information about roamers’ habits, usage and mobile lifestyle, forming a roamer profile that includes local and roaming behavior. It is then able to generate a logical marketing campaign for each roamer, eliminating the common practice of indiscriminate bombarding of repetitive and irrelevant campaigns to roamers.
  • Roaming analytics: Designed to support operators with monitoring, managing and decision-making tools in a multi-network environment. The roaming analytics suite provides mobile operators with a clear real-time view of their network, as well as the tools to take dynamic and immediate corrective action in all areas of their roaming business.

Starhome is situated within and between 300 mobile operators in over 130 countries.

Historically, Starhome has benefited from strong growth in voice and SMS traffic and the company is now poised for further expansion as it captures the opportunity associated with the global explosion in data. Fortissimo acquired the company in October 2012. In 2013, Starhome acquired the data clearing division of Mach, enabling it to offer a much broader solution to its customers.

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