Solcon manufactures and markets low and medium voltage soft-starters and motor control equipment. Solcon provides solutions for extreme conditions, mainly in the Mining, Marine and Oil & Gas Industries. The company’s sophisticated, digital motor control products ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration as it minimizes the effect of high in-rush current and mechanical torque shock. The starter can be supplied as chassis with line and bypass vacuum contactors, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, motor protection relay and other options.

The company sells its products in over 75 countries directly as well as through distributors and OEM partners. The company has hundreds of customers around the world.

Solcon’s product lines include:

  • Medium Voltage Soft-Starters: Comprehensive line up to 60 MW in medium voltage (15KV)
  • Low Voltage Soft-Starters: Comprehensive line up to 3 MW in low voltage (1200V)
  • Transformer Soft-Starters: Transofter (transformer soft-starter eliminating in-rush current), up to 3 MW in low voltage (1KV) and 15 MW in medium voltage (15KV)
  • Cathode Protection Systems: Eliminating corrosion in metal structures at ground level and below
  • Motor Protection and Control Relays: For AC asynchronous motors
  • Control Systems: For electrical automation including Thyristor Controlled Power Controllers, Power Meters, Capacitor Controllers, Generator Control/Protection Systems and Restarting Relays (Hold In Units)

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