RadView Software

RadView Software Ltd. is a leading provider of application performance and load testing software. Since 1993, RadView has enabled over 3,500 customers around the world to assure the performance, scalability and reliability of their internet applications. RadView’s load testing products are installed at over 2,000 customer sites worldwide, providing companies with highly efficient, robust solutions for testing the performance, scalability and reliability of their Internet applications.

WebLOAD is RadView’s award-winning software for performance and load testing of internet applications. Designed to ensure the enterprise readiness of the most advanced internet applications, WebLOAD simulates traffic for up to tens of thousands of users and provides detailed information on how your applications function under load.

In addition, WebLOAD is able to meet the load testing needs of specialized Rich Internet Application (RIA) environments such as Adobe Flex, Ajax and multimedia. WebLOAD brings its full power to the specialized environment and provides full coverage during the authoring, execution and analysis phases of the test.

WebLOAD is the software of choice for leading organizations from several major industries including AerLingus, Best Western, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Federal Express, Harvard University, Morningstar, Kinkos, Samsung, and Sun Microsystems.

For more information on RadView, please visit www.radview.com.