Origene Seeds


Origene Seeds breeds innovative varieties of vegetable seeds, designed to boost crop yields, reduce the need for chemicals, improve nutrition and increase quality.

The company develops and markets over 90 types of seeds in the following product families, with a clear focus on cucurbits.

    • Watermelons (Seedless and Seeded): Produces a high yield crop with high lycopene levels, high Brix and a high quality taste
      • New varieties have tolerance to some field diseases and environmental stresses
      • Melons (Cantaloupe, Galia, Annanas, Western Shipper, Honeydew, Yellow Canary and Charentais): Produces a high yield crop with excellent shelf life and disease tolerance with high brix and quality taste
    • Squash and Pumpkins (wide range, including Table Sugar Pumpkin)
    • Cucumbers (Beit Alfa, Dutch, Slicer and Baby types): Grown in summer and winter in greenhouses
    • Rootstocks (adapted for melon and watermelon): Enhances the seeds’ tolerance for soil diseases


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Origene currently sells its seeds in more than 25 countries. For more information on Origene Seeds, please visit www.origeneseeds.com.