One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation is an online professional translation service provider with a network of more than 15,000 professional translators in more than 75 languages.

The outsource translation market exceeds $30 billion annually and the offline market is comprised of approximately 20,000 traditional agencies. It is a very fragmented market with the top agencies maintaining less than 15% market share.

The opportunity is to revolutionize the traditional professional translation market and further enhance the company’s leadership position in the online translation field. Whereas traditional agencies are typically limited in growth due to cost structure, manual translation and local business, One Hour Translation can handle huge volumes, has a relatively low cost structure, acts globally and utilizes technology to facilitate and expedite translation services.

One Hour Translation works with consumers as well as large enterprises and prides itself on its professionalism and service. It has specific domain expertise in particular with legal and business-related translations. To maintain its high level of service, the company tests and monitors all translators to ensure that their work is up to par. In addition, customers are able to pay for additional proofreading services that double-check the accuracy of translations.

The company recently initiated a service that translates websites efficiently via the web. This service enables enterprises to quickly and efficiently provide their customers with access to their website in multiple languages.

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