Emblaze Group (Exit: Sold)

Emblaze (LSE: BLZ) holds a controlling interest in Formula Systems Ltd (Nasdaq: FORTY), which controls three publicly traded technology companies: Matrix, Magic and Sapiens. In addition, Emblaze has several initiatives in the mobile arena. Below is a brief description of each activity.

Formula Systems (1985) Ltd. (Nasdaq & TASE: FORTY) is the parent company of subsidiaries and affiliates that are engaged in two principal business areas: IT services and proprietary software solutions. Through its subsidiaries, Formula offers a wide range of integrated IT solutions and services, including the design, development and marketing of proprietary software solutions for sale in selected niche markets. Formula delivers its solutions in over 50 countries worldwide to customers with complex IT services needs, including a number of “Fortune 1000” companies.

Formula holds approximately 50% of the shares of Matrix, 60% of Magic, and 75% of Sapiens.

To learn more about Formula, please visit www.formulasystems.com.

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (Nasdaq & TASE: MGIC) develops, markets and supports composite application development and deployment platforms with a service-oriented architecture (SOA), including application integration and business process management (BPM), with existing and legacy systems.

To learn more about Magic, please visit www.magicsoftware.com.

Sapiens International Corporation N.V. (Nasdaq & TASE: SPNS) is a global provider of IT solutions that modernize business processes to enable insurance and other companies to quickly adapt to changes. Sapiens’ solutions, sold as customizable software modules, align IT with business demands for speed, flexibility and efficiency. To learn more about Sapiens, please visit www.sapiens.com.

Matrix IT Ltd. (TASE: MTRX) is one of Israel’s leading integration and information technology services companies. Matrix is active in four principal areas: software solutions and services, software products, infrastructure solutions and hardware products, and training and assimilation. To learn more about Matrix, please visit www.matrix.co.il.