Cadent (Exit: Sold to Align in 2011)

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Cadent Holdings, Inc. is the leading provider of 3-D digital solutions for the orthodontic and dental industries. The company services thousands of cases each day for a rapidly expanding customer base. Cadent’s offerings improve the efficiency and effectiveness of orthodontic and dental treatments while increasing the revenue of dental healthcare providers.

Orthodontic Services

Cadent’s orthodontic services, marketed under the brand name, OrthoCAD, provides 3-D digital models for orthodontic treatment planning and the correct placement of appliances. OrthoCAD study models allow the orthodontist to make accurate measurements for the treatment plan while at the same time eliminating plaster model storage and retrieval issues. OrthoCAD’s IQ service allows practitioners to simulate treatment strategies and select and execute the most appropriate treatment plan that includes precise positioning of orthodontic brackets. OrthoCAD IQ services reduce the treatment time and number of patient visits by more than 30%, benefiting patients and orthodontists alike. Currently, close to 15% of new U.S. orthodontic case starts use OrthoCAD products.

Dental Services

Cadent’s iTero is the world’s first digital impression solution for the fabrication of all dental restorations. iTero technology utilizes a ground breaking intra-oral scanner to capture the 3-D geometry of the tooth preparation area. iTero eliminates the guesswork required by conventional impression taking methods. With enhanced visualization and real-time analytical tools, clinicians are able to make adjustments prior to completing the scanning process all while the patient is still in the chair. iTero breaks new ground both clinically and economically, with technology that can be used for all restorative procedures and material options, a process that includes trusted dental laboratory partners in the production of the restorations, and a lower investment in system ownership that broadens access to more dental practices.

Fortissimo invested in Cadent in July 2009 in order to provide the company with growth capital to further expand its operations, geographic reach and sales channels.

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