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Afimilk is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and for herd management. Since 1977, Afimilk has been a pioneer in the field, with the introduction of the first electronic milk meter. Since then, based on its strong research and development group, the company has continued to provide cutting-edge solutions for the milking parlor.

The company’s systems are installed and in use on thousands of farms in 50 countries across five continents. With hundreds of thousands of milk meters and millions of behavior sensors installed, Afimilk sets the standards for dairy farming and management around the globe.

Afimilk’s comprehensive management software tool known as AfiFarm is an ERP system for advanced dairy farming and herd management. Sensors gather real-time information, gathering an extensive animal database which is then processed to provide the dairy farmer with decision making tools for both short term tactical and long term strategic decisions related to an entire herd and individual cows.

The main features of the herd management module are:

  • Daily breeding reports and general fertility analysis
  • Health monitoring
  • Milking efficiency reports
  • Automatic generation of veterinary checklists based on parameters
  • Easy-to-report veterinary visit results, including diagnosis, drugs, treatment, schedules and re-check
  • Herd size and milk production planning
  • Advanced triggers for cow selection
  • “User formula” feature to build limitless cross-referenced data

In addition, the company offers turnkey solutions to create a profitable dairy farm anywhere in the world. The company provides customized infrastructure solutions; complete dairy farm installation and integration; reliable and durable technological infrastructure; comprehensive professional advice; proven dairy farm and herd management systems; on-site consultation for training and guidance and post-installation support. The company recently completed setting up milking parlors for 29,000 cows in Vietnam, which is the world’s largest turnkey dairy farm project.

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