4RF is a provider of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave radio solutions. 4RF has been active in the public safety and utility communications markets since the company was established, and the company has blue chip customers in more than 140 countries in both of these markets. With the current large global spending in these markets, 4RF is well positioned to continue offering its world-leading microwave radio solutions for critical infrastructure applications.


Aprisa XE:

Aprisa XE is a point-to-point microwave radio providing the world’s longest distances with capacities up to 65 Mbit/s. The product enables connectivity in even the harshest terrain or environmental extremes, such as heavy rain or sand storms.

Aprisa XE’s low infrastructure cost delivers a cost-effective alternative to fiber, satellite, or short-range wireless solutions and is available in all civilian point-to-point and most military bands below 3 GHz.

Aprisa SR:

The Aprisa SR family provides narrow band point-to-multi-point radio communications, designed and optimized for SCADA and telemetry applications, particularly for the utility, oil and gas, security and transport sectors. The Aprisa SR family combines strong RF performance, ease of use and flexibility as well as strong cybersecurity credentials.

Aprisa LE Product Picture

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