Fortissimo Capital

We take an active approach with our portfolio companies and strive to create market leaders

Our Approach to Private Equity

Fortissimo Capital is a leading private equity fund in Israel investing primarily in technology and industrial companies. We take a unique, hands-on approach to private equity investments. We work closely with our portfolio companies to help them think out of the box to achieve goals that previously seemed impossible.

Our Name

Fortissimo (noted as “ff“) is a musical term that indicates the strongest, fullest sound to be performed.  We draw inspiration from great orchestras. Each musician plays their specific instrument yet when they all play together in sync the result is exceptional harmonious music. Similar to the music world, we strive to have each of our companies perform as an orchestra with excellent managers and employees who work together harmoniously to achieve exceptional results.


Our partners have been working together seamlessly for more than a decade, yet each member of the team’s input is valued when making investment decisions. We believe that honesty, trust, respect, transparency and collaboration are crucial ingredients for success at Fortissimo as well as at our portfolio companies.

Our Criteria for Investment

Typically, we invest in companies with the following characteristics:

  • Leading, viable technology implemented in existing products with proven sales
  • Consistent revenue stream and a pipeline from top-tier customers
  • High growth market
  • Clear potential to gain a leading market share
  • Experienced management team

Our Investment Focus: Special Situations, Buyouts and Growth Capital

Our private equity funds provide capital in special situations, buyouts, and growth capital opportunities to facilitate expansion. We seek investment opportunities in companies that are positioned to grow, improve and gain market leadership.

  • Private companies with significant revenues, a solid customer base and effective business model that require growth capital to further enhance their operations
  • Public companies that seek growth capital in order to scale operations through vertical or horizontal expansion and potentially via acquisitions of complementary technologies and entities
  • Spin-offs of divisions of larger public or private companies that have a leading edge in their respective industry, but are not in the core business focus of the parent company
  • Selling shareholders that seek to divest significant stakes in successful, mature companies

Fund Performance

We have delivered strong returns to our investors and strive to continue to do so. Whether we are working on a special situation, buyout or growth capital opportunity, we create market leaders by enhancing the fundamentals of a business and building long term, sustainable growth.